ESG Insights from Bruce B. Simpson: Yaletown Speaker Series 2021

Here is a short video from Yaletown’s 2021 Speaker Series featuring Bruce Simpson, Senior Advisor to Blackstone and CEO of the                      Stephen A. Schwartzman Foundation. Bruce provides his insights on Environment, Social, and Governance.






The Investment Activity Catalyzing: A New Intelligent Industry Technology Constellation

Canadian innovators, and the investors who support them, have played a pioneering role in the Intelligent Industry and the advent of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The Intelligent Industry represents an unprecedented opportunity to capitalize on the convergence of three key trends—digitalization, transformation, and sustainability—to catalyze climate resilient growth.

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Yaletown Speakers Series 2020 Highlight Video

Here is a short recap video of our 2020 Speakers Series, which featured renowned business and government leaders like The Right Honourable Stephen Harper, Varun Chandra, Genevieve Morin, John Thompson, Michael Lewkowitz, Jessica Nordlander and Wes Hall. They shared valuable insights on the impacts of recent global changes on geo-politics and the acceleration of digital transformation on businesses, as well as opportunities for systems level social change.








Addressing Climate Change: An Occasion to Develop the Intelligent Industry (2019)

Addressing climate change is no easy task. However, with the digitalization of the physical world leading to the emergence of the “Intelligent Industry”, to effectively address climate change in the near-term, the real focus should be on technology solutions that optimize the performance of what exists already.

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Intelligent Industry: The Engine Driving Climate Resilient Growth (2019)

Driven by climate concerns and a competitive advantage, Canada has taken a leading role in building and scaling the tech companies that are steering the global shift towards Intelligent Industry. Addressing climate change is no easy task, which is why we need to focus on tech solutions that optimize the performance of what already exists.

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Intelligent Industry: Canada’s Bet on Cleantech’s Future (2017)

To become a global leader in the next generation of cleantech applications, Canada needs to empower traditional industries to become more intelligent, efficient, and productive. Our research looks at how Canada’s bright future is being forged at the cutting edge of the Industrial Internet of Things.

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Canada’s Technology Investment Gap (2017)

Gaps in Canada’s capital supply cause Canadian tech companies to scale more slowly, take longer to exit, and achieve smaller outcomes than American competitors. Our research reveals that Canada’s capital supply is both insufficient and inadequately distributed beyond the early stage. To increase the value of Canada’s tech sector, we need to close the gap.

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Unlocking Growth Opportunities for Canada’s Innovation Economy (2017)

The Advancing Innovation Roundtable, chaired by Yaletown Partner Salil Munjal, published a report containing recommendations on how to close the $4 billion growth capital gap in Canada. Organized into three categories—Institutional capital, public markets, and ecosystem foundations—each recommendation is supported by specific, viable proposals that are actionable immediately.

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Canada’s Technology Ecosystems – Maturity by Region (2016)

Vancouver, Toronto, and Montréal rank among the top 20 start-up ecosystems in the world, matching Europe and placing Canada second only to the United States. Our research looks at how the maturity of Canada’s tech ecosystems varies from province to province and reveals that the more mature the ecosystem, the greater its need for emerging growth stage financing.

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