News | Bit Stew teams with GE Oil & Gas on pilot

Bit Stew teams with GE Oil & Gas on pilot

 September 29, 2015

Bit Stew has kicked off a pilot program that will see the integration of its MIx Core platform, which performs data analysis in complex environments, with a GE Oil & Gas solution. The pilot is an opportunity for Bit Stew to demonstrate how the value it delivers to the utility sector can be replicated in many other data-intensive industries, like oil and gas.

Early on in the pilot, Bit Stew proved their platform’s efficacy. MIx Core modeled, mapped, indexed and correlated an oil and gas data set that typically required six months of human labour in less than five hours.

“We are only beginning to explore the immediate benefits that businesses are able to realize quickly by harmonizing Bit Stew’s technology with GE’s Industrial Internet capabilities for the Oil & Gas market,” said general manager for Software & Services at GE Measurement & Control Ashley Haynes-Gaspar.

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Author: Cantech Letter