News | Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. Announces $16M Series A Financing

Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. Announces $16M Series A Financing

 May 16, 2018

Calgary, AB – Circle Cardiovascular Imaging Inc. (“Circle”), a Calgary-based, global innovator in cardiovascular imaging (“CVI”) post-processing software, today announced an investment of $16M led by growth-stage private equity firms Kayne Anderson Capital Advisors (Los Angeles, California) and Yaletown Partners (Vancouver, British Columbia). Circle works with physicians and scientists, leading the way in diagnostic assessment and treatment planning for people with cardiovascular disease – a leading cause of death around the world, affecting more than 110 million people. The financing will enable Circle to accelerate its global commercialization of its advanced CVI software suite providing cardiologists and radiologists with the best quantitative tools for diagnosing a wide range of cardiovascular diseases.

“Circle is now well positioned to capitalize on its early product and commercial success to expand into new geographic markets. Circle’s recent partnership with Siemens Healthineers (February 2018), alongside our established global partnership with GE Healthcare (March 2016), further strengthens our position in the marketplace and our ability to expand globally. We look to further increase our reach through the addition of new partners,” says Greg Ogrodnick, CEO, Circle Cardiovascular Imaging. “Having a strong balance sheet is vital to the rapid growth of our sales efforts.”

… “We are excited about accelerating the growth and product development of Circle’s already market-leading products, which we believe have the potential to revolutionize cardiac imaging post processing. Circle’s team of key thought leaders from the cardiology community gives it a strong clinical and technical basis on which to drive further innovation and we are pleased to be part of this next phase of Circle’s growth” commented Hans Knapp, Co-Founder and Partner of Yaletown Partners.

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