News | TMX forms group to help tech firms gain growth capital

TMX forms group to help tech firms gain growth capital

 August 24, 2016

Globe and Mail reports on new roundtable to examine how to close post startup capital gap.

Canada’s push to develop cutting edge companies got a boost from the country’s largest stock market operator Wednesday, as TMX Group announced plan to launch the “Advancing Innovation Roundtable,” a group that will search for ways to increase access to growth capital for companies.

The TMX will recruit Roundtable members from capital providers such as pension plan groups, banks, endowments, venture capital firms and private equity funds. The group will be chaired by Salil Munjal, general partner at Yaletown Partners, an investment firm focused on technology companies and former president of Leitch Technology Corp.

“Where Canada lags behind our global peers is in the development of market-leading technology companies with significant scale,” said Mr. Munjal in a press release. “The Roundtable will explore new strategies to increase the supply of growth capital to develop large, next generation companies in Canada.”

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Author: Andrew Willis, Globe and Mail