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Roundtable Next Steps in Closing Growth Capital Gap

 October 28, 2016

A typical innovation company has three capital phases – startup, growth and maturity – and successful companies will move through each of those stages as it evolves.

The mission of the 12-member Advancing Innovation Roundtable is to deliver actionable recommendations on how to increase access to scale up capital for Canadian innovation economy companies as they grow beyond the seed and start-up stages.

“Canada is outperforming our peers at the startup stage, it’s the next growth stage where we’re facing a capital gap,” said Salil Munjal, Yaletown General Partner and Chair of the Advancing Innovation Roundtable. “Closing this gap is important as overall Canadian technology companies are steady contributors to GDP and taxes, support well-paid employees, and are not generally susceptible to the same economic shocks as other sectors.”

Watch interview of Salil Munjal, Chair, Advancing Innovation Roundtable on Roundtable’s core focus.

The Roundtable met in late October to kick off coast-to-coast consultation meetings with the next stop in Montreal. Over the next few months the members will consult nationwide with policy experts, tax experts and others to identify solutions to increase access to growth capital in Canada.

In early 2017, the Advancing Innovation Roundtable will deliver its recommendations regarding measures and initiatives to be taken by Canada’s capital formation community, federal and provincial governments, and other stakeholders.

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Author: Yaletown Partners