News | Sokanu Secures Growth Capital from USA Funds

Sokanu Secures Growth Capital from USA Funds

 June 14, 2016

Sokanu, a career discovery platform designed to help people match their natural traits, interests and abilities to specific careers, announced today that it has closed a round of growth capital with USA Funds, a nonprofit corporation that promotes student success in college and career. Sokanu will use the funds to accelerate the development of its career test and vast database of 750 career profiles.

Launched in 2012, Sokanu offers a unique psychometric test that evaluates people based on 186 traits across eight categories including personality, needs, culture, interests, and abilities. More than one hundred schools and universities are already using Sokanu, including NYU, University of Nevada, University of Texas, University of Miami, and many others.

This round of investment was led by USA Funds, an organization that supports “Completion with a Purpose,” increasing the percentage of students who finish college or other postsecondary programs, while ensuring those graduates a smoother transition from education to employment in the 21st Century global workforce.

“There’s a big difference between finding a job and finding a career,” said Spencer Thompson, CEO, Sokanu.    “There are nearly 6 million jobs in the US that can’t be filled today, yet 70% of US workers are not reaching their full potential – a problem that has significant implications for the economy and individuals alike. Sokanu is good at helping people find the intersection of where they thrive and where they are needed, and this round of funding will help us to continue developing our platform at grow our market, extending into universities across North America. In the last three years, we’ve created the most viable career test ever developed, and have succeeded in formulating partnerships with many major universities and governmental organizations. With this next round of funding, we will further our mission by continuing to help people find their ideal careers.”

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