News | Tasktop Launches Highly Anticipated New Product, Tasktop Viz

Tasktop Launches Highly Anticipated New Product, Tasktop Viz

 March 20, 2020

Yaletown Partners is thrilled to share the news that our portfolio company, Tasktop, has launched Viz, its highly anticipated new software solution aimed at helping organizations successfully transition from project to product regardless of where they are in that process.

“Even the most traditional companies in industries such as automotive, manufacturing and finance, their fortunes will be determined by their ability to deliver customer value via software effectively and efficiently,” said Neelan Choksi, president and COO, Tasktop.

Tasktop Viz delivers real-time visibility on the progress of digital transformations and provides actionable insights into the obstacles impeding business value delivery, pinpointing where work is slowing down and impacting time-to-market.

Tasktop Viz helps business owners identify where to spend innovation and digital transformation budgets to achieve desired business results and provides a framework for tracking progress.

No coding is required, so business owners can create actionable, product-specific dashboards in just a few clicks and get value from day one.

Yaletown looks forward to continuing to collaborate with the team at Tasktop as it pursues its mission of improving the efficiency of the software development and delivery process. We applaud them for their success.