News | Yaletown Partners leads Aerial Technologies’ financing round

Yaletown Partners leads Aerial Technologies’ financing round

 October 28, 2020

Yaletown Partners is proud to have led Aerial Technologies’ financing round, announced earlier today. In addition, Shyam Gupta, Partner at Yaletown, will join Aerial’s board of directors, further reaffirming our commitment to supporting Aerial.

Established in 2015 and based in Montreal, Aerial Technologies is a pioneer in WiFi Motion Intelligence. Aerial has developed a unique cloud-based, low-cost solution that leverages existing wireless infrastructure and artificial intelligence to detect and classify human motions.

Aerial’s state-of-the-art patented technology does not require special hardware, wearables, installations or invasive cameras. Instead, by analyzing the disruption in Wi-Fi signals created by motion in the home, Aerial’s AI processing infers human activities to create smart solutions that make lives better.

The applications of this technology are endless, be they for security, energy management or automation for residential and professional environments. Moreover, in this time of rapid digitization, Aerial is changing the paradigm of the Telecare industry by enabling broader access to remote patient care at a fraction of the cost, with its passive non-invasive Remote Care application launched earlier this summer.

Yaletown wishes Aerial continued success as it leverages its disruptive technology in pursuit of its mission to become the wireless standard for smart motion detection.