News | Yaletown portfolio company Charli AI emerges from stealth mode

Yaletown portfolio company Charli AI emerges from stealth mode

 November 19, 2019

Yaletown portfolio company Charli AI has announced the release of its innovative workflow automation product.

Charli AI is a Vancouver-based start-up whose chat-oriented software automates tasks for businesses. its flagship product deploys artificial intelligence to coordinate and orchestrate workplace productivity killers, such as scheduling, invoicing and customer communications.

Earlier in 2019, Yaletown invested in Charli AI’s $1.6 million seed round, alongside BDC Capital.

Charli AI’s automated workflow tool helps simplify and automate work orders, following up with customers, timekeeping, scheduling and routing. No coding is required, meaning lower costs and increased flexibility, as compared to enterprise automation solutions currently on the market.

Yaletown invested in Charli due to its novel approach to AI technology, and because nearly one third of a knowledge worker’s time is wasted on administrative tasks: This is a massive problem that needs solving.

A major factor in Yaletown’s decision to invest was the strength of Charli’s team of data scientists, many of whom came from Bit Stew, an industrial IoT start-up that exited to GE Digital in 2016 for about $202 million CAD ($153 million USD).

Charli is planning for a market-wide release of its flagship solution within six months.

Yaletown looks forward to working alongside Charli AI as it changes the future of work by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence to automate financial tasks that, until now, have been a drag on productivity.