News | Yaletown portfolio company Tutela acquired by Comlinkdata

Yaletown portfolio company Tutela acquired by Comlinkdata

 September 16, 2019

Yaletown is pleased to announce that Tutela, one of its portfolio companies, has been acquired by Comlinkdata, North America’s leader in telecom market performance analytics.

Tutela collects and analyzes anonymous real-time performance data and location-based usage statistics from hundreds of millions of mobile devices to deliver actionable insights to the mobile and telecom industries.

Yaletown was the lead investor in Tutela’s first VC financing in 2013, which helped to unlock capital from other investors. Yaletown’s investment team established a truly collaborative relationship with management and served as a trusted advisor from product launch through to exit, providing guidance throughout the exit process, contributing to a superior financial outcome for the founders, other Tutela investors and for Yaletown.

The combined datasets of Tutela and Comlinkdata will help the telecoms industry better meet the needs and wants of consumers as the mobile services landscape is disrupted by new 5G networks. The Tutela founders, leadership team and staff will remain with the company.

Yaletown wishes Tutela and Comlinkdata much success as they accelerate their efforts to grow their dataset and build new services to help network operators and equipment manufacturers around the globe generate new insights to acquire and retain more customers in this era of data-driven strategic investment.