News | Ready to Rocket winners: 6 Yaletown portfolio companies

Ready to Rocket winners: 6 Yaletown portfolio companies

 March 2, 2017

Since 2003, British Columbia’s Ready to Rocket list has aimed to predict which technology companies will be revenue growth leaders and the most likely to attract future investment.

In March, 2017 Ready to Rocket recognition was handed out to six Yaletown Partners’ portfolio companies that showcased standout performance and growth.

Check out the winners and what they do:

Cooledge Lighting 

Ready to Rocket in Cleantech, 4th consecutive year

Cooledge Lighting surfaces fuse architecture and light to transform how retail, office, and hospitality spaces can be illuminated in new and retrofit building applications.


Ready to Rocket in ICT

Tasktop Integration Hub Improves the effectiveness of product teams by giving a transparent view across every stage of the software delivery chain, detecting and helping resolve bottlenecks. Founded in Vancouver.

PHEMI Systems/PHEMI Health

Ready to Rocket in ICT and Digital Health

PHEMI Central is a new class of data warehouse that uses big data technologies to handle any volume and variety of data, with advanced features for data management, privacy, and governance built in. Founded in Vancouver.

Pretio Interactive

Ready to Rocket in ICT

Pretio Interactive combines machine-learning and real-time consumer interaction to serve personalized ads that help marketers excel at customer acquisition.


Ready to Rocket in ICT

Foodee provides an environmentally-conscious delivery system for food from top local restaurants to offices. Delivery fleets in 11 cities across North America. Founded in Vancouver.

Equicare Health

Ready to Rocket in Digital Health

Equicare Health solutions help coordinate comprehensive care to influence clinical outcomes for patients, optimize revenue streams, and increase operational efficiency.  Equicare’s flagship solution is a web-based software tool that facilitates patient engagement, patient navigation, survivorship care, and adherence to standards including Meaningful Use & the Commission on Cancer.

Our sincere congratulations goes out to each of these teams for their continued hard work and growth.

Author: Yaletown Partners