Our Team

As accomplished and hard-working as the teams we back.

A group of successful entrepreneurs and executives turned investors, our management team has almost 100 years of combined tech experience. Our knowledge of operations, institutional and strategic venture capital, private equity, corporate law, and board governance has been developed and mastered inside principal positions in more than 20 companies.

Our Strategic Advisory Board

Leading minds from the worlds of business, investment and politics add value to Yaletown and to our portfolio and investment partners.

Meet this international group of widely respected leaders from the worlds of business, investment and politics, who add value to our portfolio and investment partners by providing both strategic and tactical advice and helping our stakeholders establish strong relationships with key actors in their sectors.

Our Advisors

A powerful cadre of established company founders, executives, entrepreneurs, and “angel” investors form part of Yaletown’s extended advisory network.

These advisors provide opportunity sourcing, industry connections, executive mentoring and corporate governance, and have assisted in establishing and maintaining Yaletown’s positive market reputation. They have also invested personally across a number of Yaletown’s prior and existing funds and are actively engaged with many of our portfolio companies, to varying degrees.