News | Yaletown joins #EnsembleInc’s Call to Action for Innovative Economic Renewal

Yaletown joins #EnsembleInc’s Call to Action for Innovative Economic Renewal

 October 16, 2020

Yaletown Partners is proud to support #EnsembleInc, a citizen’s movement aimed at promoting diversity for an innovative relaunch of Quebec’s economy.

In conjunction with the launch of this movement by a group of prominent Quebec business leaders that includes Yaletown Principal Sophie Gupta, Yaletown has pledged to establish a committee of industry experts to advise on our firm’s approach to matters relating to responsible investing, and with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion more broadly.

The leaders who launched #EnsembleInc recognize that they are part of the solution for a future built on equity and diversity in business, and believe that the time for promises and speeches must give way to action. They have invited all members of the Quebec business community to join the #EnsembleInc movement. For further information, please visit

You can also learn more by following Mouvement EnsembleInc on LinkedIn and reading EnsembleInc’s recently published open letter in La Presse.

In pledging its support for #EnsembleInc, Yaletown Partners recognizes the importance of diversity and inclusion in building a healthy future for Quebec’s innovation economy.